HEAT HIV Counseling and Testing

HEAT provides on-site and off-site counseling and rapid testing to
youth ages 13-24.

All of HEAT’s HIV testers are trained to tailor their counseling and testing specifically to adolescents.

HEAT tests over 1,000 youth annually throughout New York City.

HEAT provides rapid testing at several youth agencies, public libraries, community centers, after-school programs, colleges, faith-based agencies, alternative to incarceration and foster care programs and programs for LGBT youth and young women of color on a weekly or monthly basis.

HEAT provides HIV testing for youth at large-scale events such as safer sex parties, youth conferences, youth Pridefest, Kiki Balls and House Balls, health summits and other youth LGBT events.

HEAT provides all of the testing for youth HIVat events sponsored by the Young Women of Color HIV/AIDS Coalition.

HEAT provides youth testing at health fairs sponsored by youth agencies, community clinics, churches and local colleges.

HEAT provides sexual and reproductive health workshops, along with HIV testing on the same day at agencies with youth programming.

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