FACESHEAT's Perinatal HIV Services : HEAT also specializes in providing services to adolescents and young adults, ages 13-24 years, living with HIV since birth. To meet the needs of this aging group of young people born with HIV, HEAT's perinatal HIV Clinical Program has integrated "transitioning" services which include sexuality education, gynecological exams, STD screening and treatment, pre-conceptional counseling, pre- and perinatal service coordination, substance use screening and treatment referral, life skills training, HIV diagnosis disclosure and adolescent focused mental health services. These services are all provided in one clinic setting in the main Outpatient Department at University Hospital of Brooklyn. HEAT's multidisciplinary personnel provide a full range of services including primary medical care including antiretroviral therapy, case management, mental health services, adolescent support groups, hearing/vision testing, nutritional consultation, treatment adherence counseling, health education, access to research trials, assistance with transportation to medical visits, 24 hour on-call service and consultations and referrals for all other subspecialties.

HEAT also runs the Family, Adolescent & Children's Experiences at SUNY Program which provides multidisciplinary clinic services for children 12 years and below who are also living with HIV. The Family, Adolescent & Children's Experiences at SUNY Program pediatric HIV services include the full range of medical, mental health and case management services available to its teenage and young adult population. The Family, Adolescent & Children's Experiences at SUNY Program also provides multidisciplinary care services to HIV-exposed infants and children of women living with HIV.

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