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Case Management
Need help with finding a job, Housing, Health Insurance, going back to school or getting your GED? We’re here to help. Case management is when you have a one on one relationship with a person who helps get you moving in the right direction. For example, you want to get your GED but don’t know where to start. They will give you the tools in order to take the steps in the right direction. Your case manager may reffer you to a program that helps you obtain your GED, or they may make a call to a contact in order to register you to take the test. However it’s your duty to make sure you go to your appointments on time, study for the test and get a good grade.

Mental Health Services
No this does not mean you're crazy, not by a long shot. No shade its just if you are going through a lot and want to have someone to vent to. Our Psychologist is pretty cool and down to earth and willing to listen if you just need a shoulder to lean on.

LGBTConfidential HIV Pre-and Post Test Counseling
If you need to know your status that’s great. Our HIV Test team is some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We will make sure you are ready to take the test and prepare you for your result.

STD/STI Screening and Treatment
If syphilis or any other STI/STD creeps up on ya or some other thing we got you covered. We will take care of that thing in no time with testing and treatment. Remember using a condom correctly every time you have sex decreases your chances of catching anything.

Hormone therapy treatment

Instead of getting unsafe hormones on the street for cheap, why don’t you get them for FREE and have it be safe? We think that’s a better deal period. Not only that, you will have a doctor monitor your treatment for you and help you become the person you want to be. We will help you get your name change and everything else that comes with this transition to the person you are meant to be.

Some other services we provided
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HIV Treatment Adherence, Risk Reduction, Life-Skills Training, Substance Abuse Assessment/Referral, Support Groups, Outreach and Workshops for Youth Access to Clinical Research Trials, Outreach at Clubs, house parties, Ball events and much much more…

*Staff on call 24/7

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