HEAT Workshops
HIV 101    HEAT is known for doing a great HIV 101! This workshop is designed for youth ages 13-24. This fun interactive session educates youth about the past and present state of HIV and dispels the common myths associated with HIV/AIDS. At the end of this 45 minute session youth will have a deeper understanding of HIV/AIDS transmission and how the virus spreads in communities. This workshop also touches on risky behaviors, STD's, condom use and many other reproductive health issues.
HIV Counseling & Testing    This is an interactive workshop for youth ages 13-24. The workshop will educate young people about teens rights and access to sexual health care particularly HIV testing and confidentiality laws for minors. This workshop includes engaging discussions and role play.
Hip Hop & Sexual Health    This is a fun workshop designed for youth ages 13 -24. This session will bring awareness to sexual health and social norms using Hip Hop culture. This workshop explores hip hop videos and music to engage youth in a discussion around how media and hip hop influences sexual decision making and gender roles in society.
Media & Self Esteem This is a reflective workshop that allows participants ages 13-24 and up, to utilize visual media such as magazines, to stimulate critical thinking around media and its influence on self esteem and sexual health
Healthy Relationships This workshop is for participants ages 13-24 and explores healthy and unhealthy relationships. At the end of this workshop young people will be able to identify unhealthy behavior and learn positive communications skills within a relationship. This workshop engages participants in scenarios and role play that illustrate the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors.
Reproductive Justice This is an interactive workshop that targets young women ages 15-24. This workshop is designed for peer educators who are addressing reproductive justice issues in their agencies. At the end of this workshop, youth will have knowledge of the history of reproductive rights in the US and will participate in mock city council visits to learn how to advocate for reproductive justice to elected officials.
If you are interested in a workshop for your school or youth program, please contact Tiffanie Patterson, Outreach Coordinator, at 718-282-1366 or via e-mail [email protected]([email protected]).

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